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Dr. Tim Jackson, Dpt

Heal Your Body

Welcome to the Methylation Page of Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT. The fact that you found this page means that you've taken the first step in terms of gaining control over your health. We've only begun to scratch the surface regarding the significance of methylation. Whether you are here because you want quality pre-natal care, to stave off disease, or to address an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I'm here to assist you in the process. I offer long-distance consultations to help guide you through the process of addressing methylation. Unfortunately, the process requires much more than simply taking L-5-methylfolate--you must address gut/digestive health, control inflammation, and address other SNPs(single nucleotide polymorphisms).


Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT received his undergraduate degree in Health science and chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2003. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy(DPT) from the Medical University of SC in 2009. Realizing that manual therapy and orthopedic care helped only some of his patients, he began studying functional and environmental medicine, as well as digestive health, in an effort to help others achieve wellness.Dr. Tim is educated in nutritional biochemistry, digestive health and its systemic effects, as well as functional endocrinology. He recently completed the Spine portion of the Active Release Technique methodology, a system that addresses musculoskeletal trigger points and helps to expedite the healing process. Currently, Dr. Tim is working on his Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist certification.Dr. Jackson trained with Dr. Kendal Stewart, M.D. to learn the far-reaching implications of methylation deficits and their role in Neuro-immune syndromes. He combines his background in integrative medicine with the cutting-edge protocols developed by Dr. Stewart to optimize patient outcomes.

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